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The Soothing Touch: Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

by on Aug.10, 2016, under Nightlife

massageTreating yourself to regular massage can have more of an impact on your health than you may think.
Receiving a rubdown can not only alleviate sore muscles after an intense workout, as well as reduce inflammation, but a new study shows that massages do more for the body than just relaxing it.
Massage is a general term that describes the pressing, rubbing, and manipulating of the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
For the same reasons that a massage is relaxing, it can also soothe anxiety and depression. According to MayoClinic, massage aid in reducing the stress hormone cortisol, which can lift the spirits of the person, while reducing blood pressure.
It can also boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in depression.
According to a 2012 study, massage helped individuals in pain feel and function better compared to people who didn’t receive any massage treatment.
‘We found the benefits of massage are about as strong as those reported for other effective treatments: medications, acupuncture, exercise, and yoga,’ said Dan Cherkin, Ph.D., and lead author of the study.
If you found yourself dozing off on the massage table, then you know how a massage can promote healthy sleep. A beijing massage can affect delta waves in the brain, which are brain waves that help promote deep sleep, according to Health magazine.
Even though a massage has many rewarding factors, it may not be for everyone. Massages may not be appropriate if you have ‘
‘ Bleeding disorders, or take blood-thinning medication.’ Burns, open or healing wounds.’ Fractures.’ Severe osteoporosis.’ Deep vein thrombosis.
If you are considering getting regular massages, first discuss the pros and cons with your doctor, especially if you’re pregnant or have cancer or unexplained pain.
Also, discard the notion that a massage is only a ‘pampering’ service. Stress can be extremely harmful on the body, so engaging in regular massage ‘ even if it’s only once a month ‘ can help melt away that stress, and help your body function at its peak performance.

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Best Tips For A Sensuous Nude Full Body Massage

by on Sep.27, 2015, under Exotic Massage

Giving a nude full body massage is a wonderful way to do something special for your partner and a sensual couples massage is definitely an excellent sneaky prelude to sex.

But giving a truly relaxing nude full body massage is not just about lighting a few candles and slapping on some oil, it’s really about using skill and impressing your lover with some savvy nude massage techniques.

Nude Full Body Massage Instructions

Giving a full body sensual massage starts with setting the scene. Have your partner lay on their back on a towel. You can cover half of their body with a sheet to prevent them from feeling cold, while also keeping spare towels nearby for any spillages.

An oil massage, nude or not should not leave your partner dripping wet. Their body should shimmer but the majority of the oil should be absorbed in to the body with your strokes.

Start by using cat strokes down the length of their back, the sides of their waist or even down the backs of their legs. Gentle swift ever so light movements will send them in to a lovely deep relaxation that will make the overall nude male massage easier for you.

An erotic massage technique is to use your nails to run from the top of his neck right down to his waist. Slightly increase the pressure as you run your nails back up the other way, all the way up through is hair and back down again.

From here you can drip some oil on their back and use a spreading technique known as Effeurage, which relaxes the muscles at the surface. Then use the fan or circular strokes to move your hands up and down your partners back, avoiding working directly over the spine.

Use the kneading stroke to move your hands back up to the neck. Apply pressure to each side a few centimeters in from each ear. Make sure you keep regular verbal contact with your partner to ensure the pressure is suitable.

Alternating your strokes, gradually work down to your partner’s buttocks. This mass muscles area holds a lot of tension which when released can send him in to a much deeper state of relaxation. Knuckling is a particularly good stroke to use here for the novice masseuse on such a fleshy area.

The thigh area is usually always quite a tight area. Kneading can be a good stroke to use here but you will need to be careful of his IT Band (Iliotibial band) If he is particularly sensitive here, just use light sensual lower massage strokes along the length of his legs to soothe rather than running the risk of possibly hurting him.

Don’t forget to give a sensual foot massage. The feet also hold a lot of tension and definitely should not be ignored as part of the nude full body massage. Start at the ankle and squeeze each side of his Achilles heel, then massage it up and down. Then hold each foot in your hands and use your thumbs to stroke in rapid movements down the length of his foot, while applying static pressure underneath the ball of his foot. You can even gently rub your fingers between each toe then gently pull on each one. Don’t be alarmed if you hear a click in the toes or from any of the bones on the top of the foot.

The calf muscles also should definitely not be ignored. You can either very gently knead here or also use your thumb strokes to get right into the muscles. If your hands are getting sore you can also use your fist to massage over the area in circular motions. Shake the muscles when you have finished.

By now he should be feeling super relaxed and super sexy! If you’ve done your job a little bit too well he might actually have fallen asleep. If so, consider extending your nude full body massage to a Lingham Massage to revitalize his whole body while strengthening the connection between yourself and your lover!


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An Amazing Expertise With Beijing Escort Service

by on May.01, 2011, under Escort Service

Looking for an evening out with attractive and classy ladies? Beijing International has a portfolio of upscale escorts coming from different countries to provide VIP services to fill the needs of even the pickiest client.

These ladies are the epitome of beauty, passion, and excitement rolled into one. Lovely as they are, they also exude confidence, open-mindedness, and are adept at expressing themselves in a way that provides release and titillating satisfaction. An evening out with these girls will forever make its mark in one’s imaginative experience.

If you dream about satisfying your deepest secrets, these fabulous ladies are more than willing to give you that sizzling, heart-stopping moment as they bring you to a climactic finale. All these girls ooze with fun and excitement while at the same time displaying intelligence, sophistication, and enchanting good looks that leave one to desire for sensual release and beyond.

Do you have a penchant for striking, raven-haired Asian beauties? These fantastic Orient girls with their air of sweet innocence evoke a strong sense of longing to unravel their deepest passions. The finesse with which they handle our clients inspires utmost respect as they maintain a quality of graciousness associated with impeccable breeding.  Your day or night will never be complete without gratifying yourself in the company of one. For a different kind of experience, allow yourself to be captivated by a compassionate and delicious Latin beauty that does it like a bon vivant.

Through a private arrangement, you can hire these girls, for a host of needs ranging from an ordinary night out, a social affair, a sensational massage, or to fill your insatiable desires as you crave for that particular “mind blowing” experience. Isn’t it time that you open yourself up to the exquisite wonders of an unforgettable encounter only our exotic women can give?

Beijing International is one of the most respectable agencies around as we continue to provide premier services for top clients, without having to charge high fees. We absolutely guarantee a degree of professionalism from our fabulous ladies unparalled elsewhere. It is truly a treat worthy of time well-spent.

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How to find erotic massage in Beijing

by on Oct.07, 2010, under Exotic Massage

The Sweethearts Sensual Massage in Beijing

Beijing Sweethearts Escort  have been providing sensual massages in the Beijing area for many years and have built an enviable reputation.

The sensual massage in Beijing  is just one of our services which see our masseuses visit a number of airports, hotels and private residences. Sweethearts  Masseuses are specially trained in the art of the sensual massage and they are all stunning with fun personalities and some great talents.

Our SWEETHEARTS  sensual massage in Beijing is one of a kind, it is very special – the premium of sensual, naked massage from international and local models.

Sweethearts provide “The Art of Seductive Touch”

Our beautiful masseuses are trained to provide the best luxury, tantric and sensual massages with our intense programme which really guarantees a ‘hands on’ approach to sensual massage in Beijing.

Sweethearts sensual massage in Beijing is great for awakening the deepest senses whilst promoting good health.

What can a Sweethearts massage do for your body and mind?

Touch is the most important of the senses during the Sweethearts  sex massage in Beijing experience and then the most important sense is smell. Both senses provide an evocative and direct links between your mind and your body whilst enjoying a sensual massage.

Your body’s largest sensory organ is the skin and during your sensual massage in Beijing the thousands of receptors within your skin’s dermis will begin reacting to external stimuli provided by our stunning model masseuses.  During the luxurious experience provided by your sensual massage in Beijing you will enjoy amazing pleasure which filters through to your nervous system and brain.

Heart activity is increased and all round well being is promoted for our clients with our special Sweethearts sensual massage in Beijing.

How will a Sweethearts sensual massage in Beijing benefit me?

Our sensual massage in Beijing is provided at many central Beijing locations. With the gentle naked massage Beijing the nervous system is stimulated along with the skin’s nerve endings which in turn release endorphins and ‘feel good’ chemicals.

Not only this, our gentle sensual massage in Beijing reduces your natural stress levels, the stress chemicals cortisol and noradrenalin and it lowers blood pressure.

With the more powerful sensual massage in Beijing  the masseuse is able to increase your blood circulation, ease knotted and tense muscles and loosen stiff joints.  In the long term, sensual massages with Sweethearts  can also increase your body’s flexibility.

Techniques used by Sweethearts’ masseuses include:

Effleurage – this is gentle but firm stroking

Petrissage – muscle tissue is rolled and deeply relaxes the body’s muscles

A Sweethearts sensual massage in Beijing  may also include the ‘tapotement’ method, which means the clapping over muscle areas and fleshy parts of the body.

Sweethearts Masseuses offer a bespoke and professional service when they provide a top escort  in Beijing.

You are steps away from experiencing the most wonderful sensations and exquisite blending of Eastern body moves.  A spiritual experience is guaranteed and one which will eliminate common muscle ailments, headaches and insomnia.

Your beautiful Sweethearts  Masseuse will provide you with the best in stress relief and sensual massage in Beijing for unprecedented complete satisfaction.

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Don’t Be Alone Any More

by on Sep.24, 2010, under Escort Service

With the amazing existence of the 24/7 Beijing escorts, there is never a reason to be alone ever again. The amount of times you’ve heard these epically tragic stories about people spending New Years Eve alone, in their home or hotel room. Or people that wound up doing nothing but think about the past whilst sitting in their bathtub on their birthday – on their birthday! Too tragic, too mad to even warrant thinking about.

If I got to the point that I was alone on the milestone moments of the year or of my life, I would do something about it. I would think what city I lived in firstly: Beijing sweethearts – check. I would then remember what century I existed in: twenty first – check. It would then come to my attention that being in a major city in Asia with a reputation for its amazing party and club culture, that I have no reason to spend important moments of my life at home, by myself!

Chances are, if you do spend a lot of time alone on the internet then you have heard of escorts services ; special creatures with incredible beauty who are more than happy to spend some time with you and give you some much needed company. Money well spent as far as I am concerned! There is no need to be alone any more. This is the twenty first century. Yes, it can be very hard to find people that understand you in this day and age, and as the world gets more advanced, its options for entertainment do too The world is getting stranger all the time, which is probably the best thing that the world has going for it right now because this breeds a very important thing called tolerance. It is okay these days to have weird ideas and quirks and bizarre fetishes. So much entertainment in the world is paid for!

Meeting with a gorgeous Escort is just another form of paid entertainment; well, not quite: it is more exceptional entertainment. You go on the internet and literally choose, choose a beautiful person to spend some time with. You can go to them, they can come to you. You can go out, dance, hang with friends, it doesn’t matter, so long as you are happy. So embrace this remarkable modern marvel. 24/7  Beijing escort are there so that you never have to be alone and you can always have a great time with someone what ever the motivating factor is.

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An Exotic Massage in Beijing with WINKS

by on Sep.22, 2010, under Exotic Massage

We provide masseuses who are able to deliver the most unique, exotic massage in Beijing. WINKS are the original designer of sensual, exotic massages in Beijing and as such our client base is large and full of satisfied customers. Any of  our  WINKS visiting massages can be booked from a range of stunning and professional masseuses.

WINKS have been delivering the most luxurious exotic massage in Beijing  for many years and we pride ourselves on being one of the best services you will find. WINKS Masseuses will provide exotic massages in London at most central locations which include airports, private homes and residences and many central London hotels.

Our exotic massages in London deliver an amazing sensational experience which is thoroughly enjoyed by all our clients. WINKS Masseuses are intensely trained to deliver the special WINKS unique, exotic massages in London with our bespoke massage programme called “The Art of Seductive Touch.”

The WINKS approach to exotic massages in Beijing

Our early history talks of ritual massage and medical massage, both of which have been enjoyed by people for many years.  Massageis hugely beneficial to the mind and body and regular massage can promote good health.  The exotic massages in London provided by WINKS create a calming state of relaxation through the connection of the body’s senses with the external stimuli of our masseuse’s soft hands.

The health benefits of WINKS exotic massages in Beijing

Simply booking your exotic massage in Beijing with WINKS brings you closer to a sensual and spiritual experience. Our masseuse will stimulate the thousands of receptors that lie in your skin’s dermis layer and the result is stress melting pleasure.

Heart activity is boosted and blood pressure is lowered through our WINKS exotic massages in BEIJING  along with boosting the immune system and encouraging good health.

Our WINKS exotic massages in Beijing  will vary and a number of massage methods see a different type of response, for example gentle strokes whilst massaging will stimulate the body’s nervous system and release the body’s natural endorphins.

The tantric WINKS exotic massage in Beijing  will further  decrease the body’s stress chemicals such as the chemicals noradrenalin and cortisol.

Applying pressure during a massage will vastly improve oxygen supply to the blood stream increasing blood flow. Eastern body moves which ‘work’ stiff muscles increase flexibility.

Why is the WINKS exotic massage in Beijing so unique?

Our WINKS exotic massage in Beijing  has been perfected to provide a deeply enjoyable experience. Our masseuses are professional and talented and have mastered the rare ability to blend gentle strokes with more applied pressure in a seamless way.

Studies conducted over many years have revealed that the impact of good massage can have a hugely positive impact on the human physique. WINKS guarantee an exceptionally satisfying  tantric massage experience which loosens stiff muscles and reduces anxiety. Booking regular exotic massages in Beijing with one of our specially trained WINKS Masseuses will also boost your immune system and promote good health.

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